Non Mihi,Non Tibi,Sed Nobis

The Guild of Gloriana​ 

Edward the 3rd Baron of Stafford comes from an old family of royal blood . . . one that 

has not always seen eye-to-eye with the monarch of the day.   Admittedly this has led to 

some losses over the years --including a few heads, a Dukedom, the family fortune, and 

visitation rights to Scarborough Castle . . .  Newly returned to prominence thanks to the 

late King Edward, the Staffords have tried their hardest to ingratiate themselves to a royal 

family that struck them down mere generations before.  After a long career in Parliament, 

Edward married the Earl of Derby’s daughter Mary and succeeded his elder brother 

Henry as Baron.  Edward later preformed his duty to queen and country by sitting in 

judgment of the traitor Mary Stuart.  The Baron enjoys fine (and not so fine) wines, the 

theatre, and gambling discreet amounts on games of noddy and put & take --as well as 

not so discreet amounts if the wine continues to flow.

Lord Edward Stafford