With the recent passing of her mother , Marie de Guise,  and her husband,  King Francis II,   Mary is seeking comfort, solace and entertainment by returning to Scotland.  While on progress, she relies on local noble families to play host.  It is costly to house and feed the queen in the lavish manner to which she is accustomed, but the House of Sterling finds it a great privilege.  It will also allow them to petition her for favors.  Lord and Lady Sterling and their close friends have arranged for the court to attend a local festival for some spring time frolicking.


Lord Wyllian Sterling

 2nd  Earl of Sterling - Lord Wyllian is the 2nd son of a prominent Perthshire family.  He successfully “contested” being cut out of his father’s will and has been administrating the Sterling estates for the past 10 years. He is well educated, a recognized statesman and courtier.  Wyllian served his time honorably in the service of King James V, has traveled quite extensively and is a well-practiced swordsman. He is extremely proud of the ever increasing demand for the “highland malt” produced by his whisky distillery.   He met and quickly became friends with Sir George Bowes while the two were part of the negotiations at the Treaty of Berwick.  Lord Wyllian has been known to express himself in poetry and to enjoy the beauty of the female form.


Lady Arabella Sterling

Duchess Sterling - Lady Arabella is the oldest daughter of the famous whiskey making Gregory family of Wigtownshire. Due to her father’s belief that women should be educated she is literate, well read and at times overly eager to participate in discussions and express her opinions. Encouraged by her father, Lady Arabella developed a talent for blending the right ingredients to produce a dry, gentle, lighter whiskey, devoid of peat, commonly referred to as a “Lowland Lady.”  She is athletic and loves to play games - both at the tables and behind the scenes.  She is devoted to Lord Wyllian and tolerates his “wondering eye” and flirtatious behaviors.  She is a talented harpist, accomplished needle women and dotes on her new breed of hunting dog she calls  Golden Retriever.


Sir George Bowes, Marshall of Berwick-upon-Tweed  

 A former military commander during the Scottish war, the recently knighted Bowes currently acts as an advisor on border affairs to the government of the young Queen Elizabeth.  While remaining at the disposal of the English ambassador, Sir Bowes and his second wife are currently spending their time with his good friend Wyllian and the Sterling family.  When his mind isn’t being put to military use, the Marshall enjoys fine (and not so fine) wines, the theatre, and games of strategy.   


Lady Jane Bowes

2nd, wife to Sir George Bowes, is the daughter of Sir John Talbot of the House of Shrewsbury.  Being a member of one of the most powerful houses of England has given Jane ample opportunity to study and educate herself in the ways of intrigue and manipulation among the noble class.  After years of deftly playing on the heartstrings of potential suitors and pitting rivals against one another, Jane’s father finally brokered a marriage to the Marshall of Berwick-upon-Tweed, hoping this union would temper his daughter’s unruly streak.  When she isn’t scheming for her own amusement, one can find Jane sewing or feeding wild rabbits in the gardens.


Lady Juliana Sterling

Lady Juliana Sterling is quite the independent lady after being left at the altar at age 23. The humiliation was unbearable for a proud sort such as she and, therefore, Juliana is determined to never suffer like that again.  Now, some years later, she has thoroughly convinced herself that sacrificing her desire for children is preferable to ever giving another man the opportunity to mistreat her. She lives a privileged life on a generous stipend from her brother, Lord Wyllian. She is deeply interested in alchemy, having discovered many excellent medicines, and a close and valued friend and confidant to Lady Arabella.


Sir Alwin Sterling

As Lord Wyllian Sterling’s "brother from a different mother" he was sent to squire for a minor knight as a young boy. At 16 he joined the army to serve in the Scottish Wars with King James V.  During the Siege of Leith he was knighted in the field for valor.  Upon returning to Scotland, he joined Lord Sterling's household and serves as Captain of the Guard for his estates. Sir Alwin is fond of music, stories and enjoys going to inns and pubs to “live life” while obtaining vital information on friends & enemies for future use.

James MacFearsom

  James takes his job as Dunrose’s well respected ale-conner  - an inspector of ale, who tests the quality and measure of ale served in public houses – seriously!! He comes from a long line of ale-conners following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather.  He helps keep the streets “safe” and the public houses “fair”  by inspecting the ale stands two or three times a day.  James can also be found attempting to keep the House of Sterling ladies out of trouble, escorting them while they are out shopping and carrying their packages.  He has been known to assist the local authorities by pointing out the melon smugglers, ale abusers and various ladies with questionable attributes.





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