Non Mihi,Non Tibi,Sed Nobis

The Guild of Gloriana​ 

Below are some of our favors from faires past

Non Mihi,Non Tibi,Sed Nobis

Not for you, Not for me, but for US.

The Guild of Gloriana was founded by individuals who have a passion for portraying historical characters.  In setting a vision for the group, it was quickly agreed upon that our most important value would be "inclusion".  Our moto “Non Mihi, Non Tibi, Sed Nobis” is Latin for; "Not for you, not for me, but for US."  We enjoy playing with all and believe in the old adage 'the more, the merrier'.  A few people can make something good, but many can make it great.  Over the years we've repeatedly shown our appreciation to those who've joined in the frivolity by gifting them our favors.

We are truly grateful to all who've helped us enjoy faires past and cannot wait for what awaits us all in the future!