Non Mihi,Non Tibi,Sed Nobis

The Guild of Gloriana​ 

Who are we and what do we do?

We are an entourage of friends and family from the Court of Elizabeth the Ist.  We are

traveling throughout the English countryside in an attempt to escape London's summer 

weather, court and political intrigue, and the never ending gossip that surrounds the queen 

and her nobles. From our encampment we spend our days partaking in the daily festivities 

of the local village. We haggle with the local merchants for goods and services and we 

attempt to hold “court.” While enjoying the local festivities and the company of each other 

we are still working out new trade agreements, drilling our troops should the need arise for 

military action and receiving and sending dispatches on all sorts of matters - in short, we 

are trying to make the best of being so far from home. 

Who Are the  Guild of Gloriana 

The Guild of Gloriana is a Shrewswbury Renaissance Faire Living History Guild  that 

specializes in presenting the people and events at the time of Queen Elizabeth the 1st.   

You will find us at Renaissance Faires and other events in the Pacific Northwest and 

beyond.  We are a a group formed to to promote an interest in the lifestyles, arts and crafts 

of the Elizabethan era focusing on its* nobility.   We show how they interacted within 

society at the time of Elizabeth the 1st and to try and foster an awareness of how that 

history and culture shaped the people we are today.  

Each guild member portrays a specific historical figure from the Elizabethan era.  We 

strive to create programs to appeal both to the general public and the serious student, in 

the hopes that we may awaken in all the desire to become more involved and to become 

students themselves.  It is our aim to make history come alive, to make it personal rather 

than a mere recitation of dates and famous personages.